Guar gum powder for food must be of the highest microbiological purity and it must also be uniform in its physical and chemical characteristics from delivery to delivery. For this reason, the maintenance of consistent high quality production is of paramount importance. Strict quality control procedures in the form of rigorous laboratory tests are applied systematically at every stage of production from the receipt of raw material to the finished products. Our user clients of guar gum powder are assured that irrespective of the raw material used and the process employed, the product is guaranteed to have been tested and approved at all stages of manufacture. Since guar gum powder is an ideal product for micro-organisms, strict attention to factory cleanliness is essential during processing. Therefore, during guar gum powder production, we uses the highest quality water in process, thorough plant sanitation procedures and hygienic handling practices at all times. Constant attention, to such control features maintains the exceedingly high standard of microbiological purity of guar gum powder produced at us.


After homogenizing and approval of each batch, product is allowed to be packed and the packages are subsequently stacked in the finished goods warehouse for eventual stuffing into containers. Products are packed in 25 kg or 50 lbs 4-ply kraft paper bags (open mouth and valve type) with a polyethylene inner bag. The packaging in jumbo bags weighing 650 kg is also available. The containers are transported from factory to port via road for eventual shipment per ocean vessel.


The company has taken an active and integrated approach to environmental controls at every stage of production.

We are ready to serve you better, faster and more economically. We have the technology, facilities, and the products to meet your guar gum powder and stabiliser requirements.


APEDA Award SWISSCERT Halal Committee MS Certification Kosher Certificate

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